Message from Pastor Brian

     I have now been in Ministry, serving the needs of San Antonio’s homeless community since 1998. The Journey has been  a fulfilling and interesting one to say the least. During that time I have been blessed to develop a relationship of trust with many unique individuals of extreme needs.


Street ministry is unique as well as requiring extreme patience, thankfully God has blessed me with unique gifts and talents as well as the measure of patience
required for the task.  Looking back, I believe that God has raised the
ministry to be a real “Jesus” ministry. That is… hands on, meet them
where they’re at and to “Be” an example as  well as demonstrate the
truth and power of the word of God. I continue to operate without a
physical building…Church, fellowship, prayer and counseling happen
where ever we are gathered on the street. I strive to bring the Spirit
of God with me offering a message of love and encouragement, provide
basic needs as the ministry is empowered to afford, praying that I am
able to continue as the Lord leads. Thank You for visiting…may you be
blessed in your viewing…amen.


Our Mission


Resurrection Ministries is a 501c3, full gospel
non denominational, Christian organization.
 Tax deductable donations may be sent to:
Resurrection Ministries
P. O. Box 90495
San Antonio, Tx 78209
Since it’s humble beginnings in 1998 Resurrection Ministries has been dedicated to serving the needs of the homeless, answering God’s call to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and visit the needy in their affliction. The main focus is getting close to, and touching those thought to be untouchable with the love of Christ; using every opportunity to save the lost and encourage the hopeless with the gospel. In short, to restore hope through the Word of God which cannot return void.
In many cases the best way to describe Resurrection Ministries is dealing with the Prodigal who has become comfortable with his (or her) pigpen, and encouraging them to “come to themselves” through faith in Christ.
The ministry performs mobile feedings on the street with tasty food, good coffee and powerful prayer. On Sunday’s we host church under a bridge with much needed provisions, good music and spirit filled preaching. Resurrection Ministries also provides various other needs, direction and benevolences, as needed.
We remain always surrendered to and led by God to continually be open to his expanding opportunities for service.